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I could be miles off base on the numbers. Just my thinking on the topic. All porn is pussy-driven, regardless of which label you put on it straight, bi, or gay. We were talking about the percentages of homos and heteros and the somewhere in betweens in the general population, not in the porn industry.

The entire premise of a site like that is that reluctant but broke straight dudes are having gay sex for cash. You are paying to watch some down on his luck straight guy be sexually exploited. I take greater issue with the skeevy premise of the entire site than his comments. Fair enough. All for different reasons, and all in different ways. They bought his mouth, his ass and entire body in general. I guess the before interview of him talking about girls and how he needs the money so he does this, people just thought it was just something they say at the beginning of the video is just joking around.

I would never pay to watch this guy get fucked. I guess, then, that a key element of Japanese porn is that only the top is allowed to visibly enjoy himself? That is WHY Spencer is an actor! It turned them all on, thinking that I was a virgin!!! Did you also know he has done over 50 different scenes? That would be a fantastic porn video title…. Sort of confused about all the drama. He performs for a site called Broke Straight Boys.

What do you want him to say? Thank you Zach! That being said your going to piss off a lot of g4per lovers Zach like I have and they are going to attack you just as they have me? Because I keep reminding them that their never going to make g4pers love them or make them gay! Because their str8 in real life and their not sexually attracted to men they want to be with a woman not a man? As long as they continue to get them off sexually!

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Because they know life is not like that in the real world and Spencer-Todd is living proof of that he is just out to make all the money he can from gay men. That why str8-con artists look at gay men as easy target for a con-jobs because they know some gay men are attracted to them and use it against them to get their money. For the better end of story. I think a lot of people are more than tired of your anti gay4pay guys in porn. Oh and the gay men that follow them.: I am by no means a loser, but I really get off on watching good looking and fit guys, gay or gay4pay, perform in gay sex scenes.

Why not try being a less judgemental person? The biggest asshole: The most honest asshole: I mean, all that really matters is if it looks like they like it or better yet if they pull the scene off. I could give a fuck about their true intentions. These sites offer scenes that are constructed reality, There is some truth in them, but its basically planned out and rapidly becomes obvious. I dont mind sites that call their models straight, when they are clearly curious.

This guy isnt doing that though. A very large portion of viewers appaarently are not enjoying it either, so that works out well for every one.

There really needs to be a new reality show with people like this …. Jump off a bridge?

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Go for it! Shave off all of your hair? As has been said 1 million times already ….. What an asshat and a dud root. Take ALL of that dick you bitch. You would definitely benefit from taking an English class. Mabye, people could then understand your rant. Trying to defend him a bit… — he does all the things G4Pers are often criticized for not doing — plenty of videos around showing him getting on well with everyone at gay pride events. If you like him, you like him. Which the camera so graciously zoomed in upon. Rough sex can be hot but when I see blood……just no.

Maybe its his Napoleon complex coming through? Nothing to loss sleep over. I read the interviews and it is whatever. I found it weird James Huntsman said his favorite model to work with is Tyler Torro, since they have never had a scene with just those two and have no real sexual interaction between them. You have heard of Kinsey Not everyone is exclusively hetero or exclucively homo. Many lie somewhere along a continuum of behaviors. Now, listen up Devry has a rigid standard and cost lots of money those student loans are hard to get …classes and after classes before you are certified in bus repair….

This kid is street trash and probably works at subway. The money in gay porn is not all that great and if making an extra every month or so is whats keeping you in this industry then you have some serious issues. Why punish Blu Kennedy just because of what this asshole says? I think Spencer Todd is hot for a ginger, but yea his choice of words make him unattractive. It just came out this week and Alanis is a gay icon! It seems to me more interesting to discuss performances, interactions with fans, tattoo spellings, etc.

Who’s Gay, Who’s Straight, And Who’s In Between In Gay Porn: The 2015 Definitive List

Martin mazza stop doing str8 porn because they a hiv outbreak in the str8 porno industry in spain and regret it he have even block female porn stars off his Twitter account. He defines himself as bi: Johnny rapid is a joke the guy has been fucked by hundreds of men sucked a million dicks and claims heterosexuality. Very hard to believe doing all that gay sex and he gets no pleasure from it. He is definitely lying. An article this site should write is why is there this fear for men to admit a sexual attraction to other males? He has to be getting pleasure from all the gay sex the amount he does.

What is up with this list? Obviously being with a guy really really gets them off… and Jake gets really passionate with a lot of his partners. He just looks like a serial killer freak. And poor little fucked in the head Johnny Rapid. In this interview with Dylan Roberts and Christian Wilde, https: The words are adjectives describing sexual acts, not people. The sexual acts are entirely normal; if they were not, no one would perform them.

It is a compound of the Greek homo, same, and Medieval Latin sexualis, sexual, and was used as a noun to describe men and women with same sex attraction. Gore Vidal often used the term homosexualist to describe homosexuals… it was just his way of trying to appear clever. Sucking dick, getting dick sucked, fucking and getting fucked..

How many Gay people do you know who would really enjoy fucking a woman? I can appreciate when a woman is beautiful but the female body just does nothing for me personally.

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Do you really think Kris Evans is bi, on what do you base that on? BA always makes up stories about their models, most models are just g4p. There are other stuff too, ofc. However, BA sometimes releases scene a few yrs after tapping. Oh Oh Oh….

How about Parker London and Aaron Bruiser? After reading the almost endless discussions about the sexual orientation of gay porn models, it still surprises me that so many guys think that they know the real sexual orientation of the models, with any degree of certainty. Do you really think these guys claiming to be straight are making movie after movie and not enjoying all that gay sex?

Thank you for this list. Now I know what I will purchase and what I will stay away from. A lot more than gaypay worshippers and homophobes would have us believe. So thank you for the list! Listing Ken at straight is incorrect according to his own statements within the last three days. And that is saying something. Porn definitely his great smile, beautiful body and cute personality! Colbey Jansen BI His wife is a shemale. Diesel Washington and Nick Capra are both manly gay. Ryan Rose BI But he is into feminate gay man.

Ken Ott BI he wouldnt lie to his fans, he has a good heart. Colbey Jansen BI his wife is a shemale. Connor Maguire is BI his scene with Levi Carter was my confirmation how he loved the sex scene with him. Diesel Washington is manly gay. Ryan Rose is gay but can do bi porn if the price is right. And he made love to the bitch until sunrise. Ken Ott is BI he doesnt lie to his fans. Nick Capra is manly gay. He might fool around with guys once in a while.

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But all these girlfriends!!! In a conversation he had with a friend of mine who had a crush on him, Jarec reminded my friend that he Jarec is straight and likes women. So I think he would lie about his sexual orientation if he thought it might give his some advantage in his career as a sex worker. Jarec is straight!!! The same can almost be said about Ken Ott. Although I do lean more towards believing Ken is bisexual, but you never know.

If a pornstar says he is straight he would have a less desirable image. As for your theory that straight sex workers pretend to be bi to project an image that might be more appealing to gay fans, that is not universally true. Some gay porn sex workers openly declare in their online profiles that they are straight.

I keep reading that Logan Mccree is making homophobic remarks. I gather that Vinnie was bi too, he indicated he was previously married to a woman on his bigmuscle profile and also did at least one bi scene. Do you work for a living? Are you incarcerated and therefore have a lot of time on your hands? Do you know what could be great? BI he used to fuck alot of women before he did scenes in gay porn Jessy Ares: BI but now married to men he said he wanted a girl like angelina jolie and love to fuck women without eating pussy Derek Atlas: BI Phillip Aubrey: BI Blue Bailey: BI Antonio Biaggi: BI mostly straight Duncan Black: BI Aleks Buldocek: BI Seven Dixon: BI Leo Domenico: BI Mike Dozer: Brandon Foster: BI Addison Graham: GAY Conner Habib: Bi-curious leaning towards to men Ray Han: BI leaning toward to girls Scotty Marx: GAY Levi Michaels: BI Tony Orion: BI his ultimate dream is having threesome with two girls Johnny Rapid: BI Rocco Steele: BI loves his wife and his kid Austin Wolf: GAY but he said on rentboy interview he is still interested in women Dakota Wolf: BI Sebastian Young: GAY but dont mind to fuck vagina as long as he doesnt go down on it.

Logan Mccree: Fake gay G4P. Also Topher Dimaggio stated several times on instagram, twitter and other places that he is only interested in men, he has a lot of female friends though. Sean Zevran stated on his formspring that he can recognize a good looking female but he has no sexual interest in them. Derek Atlas also stated on several occasions that he was bi.

Lo de austin wolf tal ves si o tal vez no ya que el dice no quiere exponer a su familia asu ambiente y el tiene novio que se llama steven grant. Am I alone in finding this obscene? We have to believe him. Doing this is being no better than the bully the calls a kid fag, or being that guy that outs his friend. Well still, if he said he was Bi then he should be labelled Bi in this post. No you are not alone. Lots of out of date info here.

Phenix Saint is gay now, Brad Star bi. Austin Wilde: Ty Roderick claims to be bi also. SC Jess, has this been confirmed other than that one unreliable rumor on that Weho site. So these guys must be getting turned on by having sex with other men, gay or bi in other words. I honestly wish I had a dollar for every time someone called me that. Or do they just put than in your porn bio to make you even more appealing? You thought wrong. And many more besides. Course, maybe he just knows his audience. Such people do actually exist.

And the significance of this is? But well done for being diligent and scouring through the social media announcements of all these men. A scientific survey. Andy clarified it on twitter and Max has said it several times in interviews. Thank you. Was this video a spoof, then? This list is way off. Stop spreading misinfo. Ken Ott is either bi or gay he said that to me in our language.

Regardless, last week I had a Trevor Knight marathon of your scenes with Kurt Wild for some reason refusing to admit how good the d felt , Shane Rollins super hot flip and Jacob Durham. It was good. Ruff Ruff! These Two Their Enjoy Scruff! Of Course They Were. Check in to Room JJ Knight Overthinks It.

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